In order to give members more hands-on opportunities in the education of beekeeping, it was decided to start a club apiary.  After entering into discussions with HACC - Harrisburg, CABA began the apiary with two hives in 2016. 

Weather permitting, the apiary schedule spans the spring, summer, and fall.  This presents an opportunity to open and inspect the hives. It is the best way to learn and the best time to ask questions. If you have questions about what is going on in your own hive take pictures and bring them for discussion.

Everyone attending will need to bring their own veil to enter the apiary as we encourage participation in checking the hives. Please, wear long pants and enclosed shoes to help accomplish safety. 

Apiary Map

Apiary Pictures

2019 Hive Inspection Schedule

2019 Bee Informed Report_May Results

2019 Bee Informed Report_June Results

2019 Bee Informed Report_July Results