CABA is now making available on loan for all their members: a stainless steel 4 frame manual
extractor with uncapping equipment which includes one bucket with a gate for bottling and an electric knife and scratcher for uncapping. There is also a capping drain bucket included so this will make all your extractions a breeze!

It is suggested that you have bottles on hand or a food grade bucket to store your honey so
the equipment can be used and returned in a timely fashion.

You will be asked to sign the form below stating your name and phone number and your willingnessto return the equipment in the same, clean manner in which you received it. We hope this will prove to be a help to any in CABA with a need for such equipment!

To reserve using the extracting equipment, please, contact Becky Davis.
Email: (email preferred)
Phone: 717 802-6609

Download the Extractor Use Form