Brushy Mountain Bee Farm Video Tutorials - includes video tutorials on a very wide range of beekeeping topics.

A Web-Based Introductory Beekeeping Training Program (Ohio State Beekeepers Assoc.) - an excellent course of 34 video tutorials.

Bee Lab Webinars (Ohio State University. College of Food, Agriculture and Environmental Science) - an excellent archive of webinars by bee researchers and experts.

Bee Videos (Strathcona Beekeepers Association - Toronto) - this site provides a massive topical directory of bee videos on the web.

Video Tutorials (Warre Store) - features excellent tutorials for those using Warre hives. The store's website contains a wealth of helpfu general bee-related info as well.

Courses (Fees involved)

Beekeeping 101 (Penn State Extension) - an extensive, more formal, self-paced online course.