Volunteer for 2018 PA Farm Show

Here is your opportunity to volunteer and represent CABA at the 2018 PA Farm Show.

Learning Center

CABA member, Stan Poleshuk, is organizing and coordinating the staffing of the Learning Center.  Note his contact information located at the bottom of the form.

Food Court / Marketplace

CABA member, Stu Mathias, is helping to coordinate the staffing of the Ice Cream stand and Marketplace. Download the form.

CABA Sponsored Committee

Farm Show Display Committee

The mission of the Farm Show Display Committee is to develop a display for the PA Farm Show that is not only decorative but educates the public as well.  The committee meets to develop the theme and then will work together to erect and tear down the display during Farm Show week. 

Volunteers are welcome to help with the set up and tear down and we also request donations of honey and other products of the hive such as beeswax candles and decorations, soaps, lotions, lip balms, etc.  Donations will be returned to the donor at the end of Farm Show. 

State Sponsored Committees

The following stands are organized by representatives of the Pennsylvania State Beekeepers Association. Volunteers run the respective stands throughout the week of the Farm Show.  Proceeds are used to support the PSBA Honey Queen program. Upon requests Honey Queens travel throughout Pennsylvania making appearances to promote beekeeping, honeybees and honeybee products.

Honey Market

The Honey Market volunteers sell products of the hive. The Market  is a co-operative effort, beekeepers from across the state bring honey as well as products such as lip balms, hand creams, candy, pollen and the famous honey sticks to be sold at the stand.

Learning Station

The Learning Station consists of two observation hives and beekeeping tools and equipment. Volunteers answer questions concerning honeybees and beekeeping.

Honey Ice Cream and Honey Waffles

The honey ice cream stand is located in the food court. The ice cream and waffles are made with honey. Volunteers make the waffles and serve the honey ice cream as well as answering questions concerning beekeeping.

Help in all three areas is always appreciated. Consider volunteering to help at the Pennsylvania Farm Show.

First Prize for the 2016 Farm Show County or Association Collective Exhibits

First Prize for the 2016 Farm Show County or Association Collective Exhibits

The 2016 Honeybee Queen presents the Blue Ribbon

The 2016 Honeybee Queen presents the Blue Ribbon